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Re: Starting to work on live-boot persistence => pull requests.

On 10/26/2010 11:10 PM, intrigeri wrote:
> I've rebased the two feature branches a pull request was filled for;
> the rebased branches are:

your git trees are really messy, what you should do is to have a serious
of commits on top of mainline only, so that i can merge them
fast-forward (rather than cherry-picking from somewhere in between).

not doing that requires me to look through the log and find the commit
that is interesting, which is boring and can be easily avoided in the
first place.

let me know (irc) if you need guidance for that.

>   - 3.x/feature/try_partitions_before_whole_device
>   - 3.x/feature/nopromptusb

both merged^^cherry-picked, thank you ;)

> I've not tested these 3.x branches yet but the 2.0..3.0 diff is
> currently small enough for me to be confident.

don't worry; 3.x will not diverge much until squeeze is released anyway
(apart from the removed lenny compat).

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