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[pull] Feature: allow not prompting for USB device removal at shutdown


T(A)ILS live-boot Git repository [1] has another feature-branch we
have been using in production for months, but we seem to have
forgotten sending a pull request for.

The branch is called feature/nopromptusb.

It allows adding noprompt=usb on the kernel command-line, which lets
live-boot prompt for CD removal at shutdown time, but makes it
silently shutdown without any such prompt when running from USB.

This feature is particularly useful for downstreams who ship hybrid
ISO images: in such a situation, the same live-boot options need to
trigger sensible behavior, be the system booted from CD or from USB.

    [1] http://git.immerda.ch/?p=tails_live-boot.git

(The symmetric noprompt=cd is supported as well by this branch for
consistency reasons, even if I don't think it can be useful in

Sidenote: I think we could consider making this behavior the default:
whereas it obviously makes sense asking the user to remove the Live CD
before the system is shutdown, it makes little sense asking her to
unplug the Live USB stick as this can be done after the system is
powered off.

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