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Re: Bug#599879: live-helper: Live Builder does not create the user account

On 10/12/2010 06:40 AM, Jose R R wrote:
> You try random "things" (procedures) when the stable ones do not
> provide the results intended -as specified in the instructions for
> Debian Live use.

I'm not criticizing you for experimenting.  I'm just cautioning you
against handing out advice to others based on your experimentation
without backing it up your results with solid reasoning.  You have made
a guess that seemed to work for you but failed to provide a line of
reasoning that would explain why it worked.  We've said "no, this is
what fixes the problem, and here's why" and I think we were clear about
this.  I hope now you understand what caused the problem in the first
place (not a flaw in the software itself, just a temporary mismatch of
component versions, which is an unavoidable cost of using software that
is still under development).  Don't get me wrong, I am encouraged to see
users that want to help each other out and would not want them to stop,
but when the lead developer corrects you, please listen.  Nobody is
attacking you!  Yet you seem very defensive.

> I think you missed prior emails regarding issues of hard copy only
> working on developing machine but failing in other where there is a
> Fedora and Debian operating systems installed.

OK.  Since you didn't make reference to those emails, it was hard to
know what you meant.

> I have asked for help and I have provided help to another user who
> experienced similar issues that I experienced before. Whether or not
> the answers to that user are pedantically accurate or not *that*
> procedure helped me resolve *that* problem that the user is asking for
> help.

Or not, as the case may be.  Time passes, the necessary package
(live-config) migrates, and then all is well again.  I understand you
were sincere in your effort to help this other user, but you were also
wrong (this isn't a matter of 'pedantic' or not, it was simply incorrect

> Where am I stating my expectations? By selecting the Debian Live
> scripts *all* I want is to create a Debian distribution with an LAMP
> stack and an web application *that* boots in different hardware.

I understand your frustration and am sorry you have had such difficulty.
 I also am sure that my tone did not convey to you the support I wished
to offer, but believe me, all I want to do is help (and have invested a
significant amount of my time so far today to do so).

> ... then probably this is the wrong place to ask and resolve issues
> since criticism of existing issues -for whatever reason- is highly
> questioned. I should consider the SuSE Studio appliance builder, then?
> http://susestudio.com/

Not true.  Constructive criticism is welcome.  The project wouldn't be
the success it is today if we hadn't incorporated many changes by many
critics over the years.  If you are patient when things break and
understand that not all breakages are within our control to fix (e.g.
the archives going out of sync, the debian-installer not working, the
kernel breaking, etc.) and listen when we try to talk through these
problems with you, then we can help you achieve your goals as a user of
Debian Live.  But of course, at any time, you are free to look at
alternatives.  I am not familiar with the particular product in question
(nor do I have the time or inclination to check) but certainly you're
welcome to try.


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