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Re: driver modules

On 10/05/2010 09:21 AM, marcos m. wrote:
my card is supported by the ath9k module which i think is non-free but i wish i could build an image with wide wireless support.

That is incorrect. ath9k is free and requires no firmware package to make it work (unless you have some *strange* variant that does! mine certainly doesn't) This should "just work" in any reasonably recent kernel (2.6.32 is included in Squeeze and works fine with ath9k. 2.6.26 in Lenny is too old).

the installed ubuntu netbook remix recognizes the card without any complaints but i couldn't make it work with debian-live.

Please indicate the exact URL to the image you used. Our daily Squeeze snapshots should work fine. Lenny, however, won't work because the kernel is too old and doesn't contain ath9k. I suspect this may be your problem. Try an image from here:


(use i386 if you have a 32-bit processor and amd64 for 64-bit)

lspci shows the wireless card, I tried modoprobe athk5, which is available but it didn't work. didn't try anything else.

ath5k is for entirely different hardware, so of course is not going to work.


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