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Re: driver modules

On Tuesday 05 October 2010 14:21:52 marcos m. wrote:
> my card is supported by the ath9k module which i think is non-free but i
> wish i could build an image with wide wireless support.
> Should I add the linux-modules-non-free package to make more wireless
> modules available? any other ideas?

I couldn't find a linux-modules-non-free package on my system (sid), but I do have a firmware-linux-
nonfree (dependency of firmware-linux, see below).

Here's what I include to have as much support for wireless as possible.
I've put it in a custom .list file and it's included in the list that I want to build and include 
that in local-package-lists (haven't tried it in a while though). 
Of course you need to add contrib/non-free to your config.

#firmware stuff
#if ARCHIVE_AREAS non-free
atmel-firmware bluez-firmware firmware-bnx2 firmware-bnx2x 
firmware-iwlwifi firmware-linux firmware-qlogic
firmware-ralink libertas-firmware linux-wlan-ng-firmware zd1211-firmware

#firmware-ipw2x00 this one doesn't work, interactive mode needed
#if ARCHIVE_AREAS contrib
b43-fwcutter prism2-usb-firmware-installer


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