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Re: debian live on eeepc 701, how whould you do it?

On 10/05/2010 08:45 AM, fruity@freaknet.org wrote:
I own an eeepc 701 with 4 giga hardrive solid state.

Since 2007 I have successfully run Debian on two of these systems (no live system, no squashfs). LXDE is lightweight and is what I recommend to people wishing to save space, though you could start with gnome-core and add a few extras if you like, and still have enough room for your data (but a 4G SD card would help here).

For  little time I runned the ubuntu live on it to save space ( because of
the squash ) but since debian live is so "evolved" and have a whole
community behind I thought I'll go for it so for I have a question...
How would you do it?

Certainly you could run a live system, but I don't know if the benefits (squashfs saving space) are enough to outweigh the down side (after a number of upgrades, your persistence snapshot will grow, so to enjoy space savings again you need to rebuild your live image, and of course the live system takes longer to boot and consumes more RAM).

Others have already adequately answered your other questions.

You may want to try this image:


But I recommend you check out the source from git and build your own rather than use the rather out of date images I last put there.


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