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Re: Bug#598991: live-build 3.0a4 exits with error when using option "--source true"

On 10/04/2010 01:23 PM, Mark Schneider wrote:
> It would help all of us (and save a lot of time) when you could solve
> the issue with "--binary-pool true" in the original code of lb 3.0a4

how's that related to #598991?

> (instead of playing ping-pong)

ok. enough. my patience is great but not endless. i'm removing
--binary-pool again and only add it back whenever i had the time to
finish it.

ftr: last week, mark asked for a feature like that on irc, i've right
away added it to please him, without having done the extensive testing
and said, there, try it, it should be working for the basic use case.

since then, there has not been one day where he did not harass people
about it. i don't want to deal with that anymore..

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