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Re: Bug#598991: live-build 3.0a4 exits with error when using option "--source true"

On 04.10.2010 12:34, Daniel Baumann wrote:
On 10/04/2010 10:24 AM, Mark Schneider wrote:
What kind of information do you need? There is a reportbug "output"
included and should contain all details you need.
no, please see http://live.debian.net/manual/en/html/15.html.

I can repeat the test using a minimal config (due to your
recommendation) and unpatched version of lb 3.0a4 first in few days
(probably the next weekend)
umm, why are you reporting a bug against mainline if you're not using
mainline in the first place?

It is the 3.0 a4 main line with included patch (support for "--binary-pool true" option. You know already this patch - http://www.it-infrastrukturen.com/fileadmin/linux/debian-live/patch-lb3a4-binary-pool_lb_chroot_sources.diff

I had already the same error messages *without this patch* in the past (can't remember what version I have used .. probably 3.0a1). I will retest it *without my patch* and lb 3.0a4 again.

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