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Re: Bug#598991: live-build 3.0a4 exits with error when using option "--source true"

On 04.10.2010 15:13, Daniel Baumann wrote:
On 10/04/2010 11:43 AM, Mark Schneider wrote:
You know already this patch -
haven't looked at it.

I had already the same error messages *without this patch* in the past
(can't remember what version I have used .. probably 3.0a1). I will
retest it *without my patch* and lb 3.0a4 again.
please reread what you wrote so far in this bug report. how are we
supposed to initially know a) what random patches you might be using, b)
if the patches are not the cause or influencing it.

also, you've not provided information about your config-tree. so
basically, this bug report still is, apart from the fact that's not
reproducible and thus most likely is a local issue of your specific
configuration, a black box thinggie for us and we *need* to know such
stuff to deal with it. if that is a problem for you, don't report bug
reports against live-*.

live-* are not normal packages, reproducing and fixing bugs most of the
time needs a lot of information and takes a lot of time. your attitude
is not motivating to invest that effort and try to help yo

It would help all of us (and save a lot of time) when you could solve the issue with "--binary-pool true" in the original code of lb 3.0a4 (instead of playing ping-pong)

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