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Re: Problems booting live system from usb

On 09/14/2010 02:08 AM, Daniel Baumann wrote:

live-boot, unless told otherwise with live-media-path, only looks in /live.

either adjust the location, or use live-media-path. see man live-boot
for more information.

I did use live-media-path in my grub entry.

menuentry "Debian Live" {
 linux /debian_live/vmlinuz
 initrd /debian_live/initrd.img boot=live live-config xdebconf debug live-media-path=/debian_live/ live-media=removable-usb

I was unsuccessful trying to boot this way so I ended up making a usb-hdd image that boots without problem.
I used,
dd if=binary.img of=/dev/sdc

I also created an iso-hybrid image, but when I tried to boot it from my usb drive isolinux could not find the configuration file.
I used,
dd if=binary-hybrid.iso of=/dev/sdc

Not sure what the problem is since the image boots fine from a cdrom.
fn:Frank Zambrini

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