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Re: Problems booting live system from usb

On 09/07/2010 02:45 PM, Ben Armstrong wrote:

You have misunderstood.  live-boot/live-config are *in the image itself*, not on your build system.  likewise, live-initramfs (older incarnation of live-boot+live-config).

Thanks for clearing that up. I have live-initramfs version: 1.156.1+1.157.2-1

just to be sure: you're building *on* ubuntu, but you're building a
debian image, not an ubuntu one. if so, then you should be fine.
Yes, this is correct. My operating system is Ubuntu 10.04 and I am building a Debian Lenny image

I have tried this with 2 different images that I have built. Both are lenny and both have the same results. My initial thought is that maybe there needs to be a delay in the init somewhere to give the filesystem time to decompress, but its just a thought. I will try downloading a pre-made image and see if the problem persists.
fn:Frank Zambrini

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