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Re: Problems booting live system from usb

On 09/08/2010 09:17 PM, Richard Nelson wrote:

Ok my guess is that if it works under qemu and not after you install
to usb stick, then perhaps something wrong with the usb steps. Can you
list them in detail?

Here are the steps I used to install debian live to my usb stick (which has ext3 fs):

mkdir /media/liveboot/debian_live
mount -o loop binary-hybrid.iso /mnt
cp /mnt/live/* /media/liveboot/debian_live  (I checked the md5sums to verify the files are not corrupt)

The drive already has grub2 so I just added the entry:

menuentry "Debian Live" {
 linux /debian_live/vmlinuz
 initrd /debian_live/initrd.img boot=live live-config xdebconf debug live-media-path=/debian_live/ live-media=removable-usb

Since my last message I have tried a few different images and all have the same problem. The first image was and old lenny+kde iso that I downloaded from the archives about 6 months ago (debian-live-503-amd64-kde-desktop.iso).
The other image is the latest squeeze build from the archives (debian-live-60alpha1-i386-standard.iso) and it suffers the same problem.
I also played around with adding various kernel parameters (root=, rootdelay=, init=) but none made a difference.

I'm not entirely sure how the boot process works so I can't determine where the problem is. I will probably try making a usb-hdd image and writing it to a drive, unless someone has a better idea.
fn:Frank Zambrini

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