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Re: syslinux vs grub

2009/11/7 Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>:
> Rob Owens wrote:
>> What are the benefits of using syslinux vs grub on a live system?
> first, because it has better hardware compatibility, grub doesn't boot
> on a small subset of crappy/old/strange/weird machines where isolinux is
> able to boot. this might or might not be true for your use case.

If grub does not boot on your machine then you probably should report
it as a bug.

> second, because it has greated flexibility (payloads available for iso,
> hdd, pxe etc.), because it has more features (hdt, if64, etc.) and
> because its menu system is far more advanced (simple menu, vesamenu,
> gfxboot, etc.)

Grub has currently a text menu and a graphical menu which looks pretty
much as the text menu, except in higher resolution and wit h a
background image.

It can boot from hdd and CD using both the real mode BIOS interface
and EFI, and it should support PXE as well but I haven't tried that. I
have no idea what is htd or if64.

> and third, its codebase is much better and its upstream author much more
> reactive.

If you mean grub legacy (something like 0.97 currently) there is no
upstream for that. However, grub2 (currently something like 1.97 in
debian) is actively developed.



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