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Re: syslinux vs grub

Rob Owens wrote:
> What are the benefits of using syslinux vs grub on a live system?

first, because it has better hardware compatibility, grub doesn't boot
on a small subset of crappy/old/strange/weird machines where isolinux is
able to boot. this might or might not be true for your use case.

second, because it has greated flexibility (payloads available for iso,
hdd, pxe etc.), because it has more features (hdt, if64, etc.) and
because its menu system is far more advanced (simple menu, vesamenu,
gfxboot, etc.)

and third, its codebase is much better and its upstream author much more

> I'd like to configure syslinux to give me a menu of kernel choices (like
> grub does on my non-live Lenny system).  If anybody out there has a
> config file to share, I'd appreciate it.

live-helper does by default configure syslinux for vesamenu.

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