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Re: Emdebian Grip support

Neil Williams wrote:
> Oops. sorry. I've corrected the Emdebian website too.

thanks :)

>> that's pretty easy, going to gather all defaults i can find and will
>> add them tomorrow.
> Excellent - thanks.

done in

now you can build with 'lh_config -m emdebian && lh_build' and it
*should* result in a proper image, in theory at least. didn't checked
yet if you have lme in the archive. will probably do a test-run this

> For live-magic, the --keyring option does work for cdebootstrap, maybe
> that can be embedded into the config? I'll look at getting cdebootstrap
> fixed too.

i'll leave this up to Chris. besides that cdebootstrap is faster, i
don't know why he's defaulting to it in live-magic.

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