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Re: Emdebian Grip support

Hi Neil,

Neil Williams wrote:
> I'm wondering about how DebianLive!

we spell it 'Debian Live' or 'debian-live', i'm just pointing it out
since you're consistently writing it 'DebianLive!' :)

> could support Emdebian Grip.

sure. first, live-helper needs to support it through --mode emdebian.
that way, you can do lh_config -m emdebian and all emdebian specific
defaults are preset.

that's pretty easy, going to gather all defaults i can find and will add
them tomorrow.

> 1. Grip probably won't support a full GNOME install
> 2. equally, KDE will also be dropped - at least initially

i don't think this is any problem, for our default *-desktop images, we
don't install packages by hand but relay on tasksel (or aptitude, if
choosen in the config).

do you treat tasks specially in emdebian? if not, do you want to specify
 own packageslists or ignore the debian lists completely?

> 3. there is a bug in cdebootstrap at the moment that fails to accept
> the emdebian archive key even though this key has been successfully
> added via apt-key.

well, live-helper uses debootstrap by default. live-magic not, but until
live-magic can call live-helper accordingly to build emdebian images,
probably cdebootstrap is fixed by then.

> Using Emdebian grip I get a chroot of 78Mb.
> Using normal Debian I get a chroot of 166Mb.

nice ;)


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