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Emdebian Grip support

I'm wondering about how DebianLive! could support Emdebian Grip. First,
a few links to outline what is available:

OK, the situation - Grip is a light squeeze on Debian, removing the
"low hanging fruit" from the normal Debian packages, filtering out
certain binaries from the current Debian source and keeping binary
compatibility with Debian. Maintainer scripts are also preserved
(albeit that install-info has been nobbled and update-alternatives has
been hacked to support a complete lack of manpages).

Currently, I only have a minimal setup available but adding packages is
actually very quick so I'm aiming for XFCE support before Lenny is

I'd like this to be supportable by DebianLive!, in particular via the
live-magic GUI. There are a few problems with that:
1. Grip probably won't support a full GNOME install
2. equally, KDE will also be dropped - at least initially
3. there is a bug in cdebootstrap at the moment that fails to accept
the emdebian archive key even though this key has been successfully
added via apt-key.

What I envisage, is an option in live-magic to choose Emdebian Grip
which then presets the Grip archive:

Integration with the debian-installer is some distance away, so maybe
that could be disabled. Don't know.

I'm hoping to release Emdebian Grip 1.0 (based on Debian 5.0 "Lenny")
in sync with Lenny which (hopefully) will be before FOSDEM.

To try it out, you can use:
$ sudo cdebootstrap --allow-unauthenticated sid . http://buildd.emdebian.org/grip

Using Emdebian grip I get a chroot of 78Mb.
Using normal Debian I get a chroot of 166Mb.



Neil Williams

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