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Re: Emdebian Grip support

On Sun, 07 Dec 2008 21:57:23 +0100
Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> wrote:

> Hi Neil,
> Neil Williams wrote:
> > I'm wondering about how DebianLive!
> we spell it 'Debian Live' or 'debian-live', i'm just pointing it out
> since you're consistently writing it 'DebianLive!' :)

Oops. sorry. I've corrected the Emdebian website too.
> > could support Emdebian Grip.
> sure. first, live-helper needs to support it through --mode emdebian.
> that way, you can do lh_config -m emdebian and all emdebian specific
> defaults are preset.
> that's pretty easy, going to gather all defaults i can find and will
> add them tomorrow.

Excellent - thanks.
> > 1. Grip probably won't support a full GNOME install
> > 2. equally, KDE will also be dropped - at least initially
> i don't think this is any problem, for our default *-desktop images,
> we don't install packages by hand but relay on tasksel (or aptitude,
> if choosen in the config).
> do you treat tasks specially in emdebian? if not, do you want to
> specify own packageslists or ignore the debian lists completely?

Initially, we'll probably only have one task - XFCE. In time, we'll add
some GNOME packages and some KDE packages but if people want a small
system, the complete GNOME and KDE tasks are too big anyway. Maybe that
arrangement would work best with a couple of tweaked package lists -
when we get to that point.

> > 3. there is a bug in cdebootstrap at the moment that fails to accept
> > the emdebian archive key even though this key has been successfully
> > added via apt-key.
> well, live-helper uses debootstrap by default. live-magic not, but
> until live-magic can call live-helper accordingly to build emdebian
> images, probably cdebootstrap is fixed by then.

Excellent - debootstrap is fine.

For live-magic, the --keyring option does work for cdebootstrap, maybe
that can be embedded into the config? I'll look at getting cdebootstrap
fixed too.
> > Using Emdebian grip I get a chroot of 78Mb.
> > Using normal Debian I get a chroot of 166Mb.
> nice ;)

Thanks. :-)

I've yet to see just how this pans out across a complete installation
and whether we can keep up that 50% reduction. I'd be happy with
anything over 33% for the final system (with a handful of locales
supported instead of the normal 90 in Debian).


Neil Williams

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