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Re: lh_config --binary-images multiple targets?

>>>>> Juergen Fiedler <juergen.fiedler@gmail.com> writes:


 > Now, of course, I am wondering whether I actually need multiple
 > targets.

 > At the moment, I create one ISO file and one tar file. The tar file
 > is just there to update one thumb drive; I just mount it and untar
 > the tar file onto it; for me, this works much faster than creating a
 > usb-hdd image.

 > Would it make sense to just create an ISO image and copy the binary/
 > directory onto the thumb drive, or would that break something?

	I'd try to make both of the images and then compare the
	`md5sum.txt' files produced.  I guess that there shouldn't be
	any significant differences.

	As a side note, I'd recommend to use `rsync' instead of simply
	copying over the old system, so that the files that didn't
	change aren't written over, thus saving erase cycles.

 > All the settings for the thumb drive and the ISO file are identical,
 > except for LH_BINARY_IMAGES, of course.

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