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Re: Science live DVD

Chris Walker wrote:
> And this a patch for comment. I've only built the physics, chemistry
> and astronomy DVDs as well as the science-all one.

ah, you have everything in meta packages, that is kind of very neat, as
you don't need to use ifdef at all in the packages lists then.

however, i would propose the following instead:

# /usr/share/live-helper/lists/science - package list for live-helper(7)

## LH: Debian Science
#include <standard>

science-astronomy science-biology science-chemistry
science-electronics science-engineering science-geography
science-linguistics science-mathematics science-mathematics-dev
science-physics science-robotics science-statistics science-typesetting

why? because individual lists of one (meta) package only doesn't make
any sense, you can easily do them through --packages parameter, e.g. your:

  # lh_config -p science-astronomy

  (note: here, -p referes to --packages-lists; *not* --packages)


  # lh_config --packages science-astronomy

> I've included gnome in the science-all one -but not the individual
> subject area ones (on the basis that people may prefer kde or xfce -
> though this does mean you might end up with none of them).

should we therefore do science-kde, science-xfce, science-gnome instead?
or do you want the full desktop stuff, so it'd be

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