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Re: Science live DVD

Chris Walker wrote:
> Is it really as simple as adding the science metapackages[1]
> to /usr/share/live-helper/lists? 

yes; and preferably you would send a file (like
/usr/share/live-helper/lists/debian-science) that contains all the stuff
you guys consider to be 'debian-science' so that we include it directly
in live-helper. this way, you will be able to do

  lh_config -p debian-science [...] && lh_build

in future.

> [2] I have the first two dvd images loopback mounted - I don't have
> enough space for a mirror. AFAICT, the problem is that the images are
> not signed. I'm happy to download some packages, but don't want to
> download everything.

i'd setup a local httpd that serves the loop-mounted iso. apt-secure can
be disabled by option (only usefull for testing, no recommendation to
produce real images though).


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