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lh_config --binary-images multiple targets?


Is there a way to specify multiple targets with --binary-images with
live-helper 1.0.1+20081202?
>From looking at lh_binary_iso, it looks like 'lh_config
--binary-images "iso tar"' should work, but when I try it, I get an
error message:

# : Begin installing grub...
# mkdir: cannot create directory `': No such file or directory
# : Begin unmounting filesystems...

and that is it.

I normally just call 'lh_config --binary-images iso', then build my
ISO image, then 'lh_clean; lh_config --binary-images tar' and build my
tar file, but I have heard that calling lh_config repeatedly in the
same directory is discouraged.

What is the right way to create two different binary images from the
same configuration?


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