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Re: Science live DVD

Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org> writes:

> Chris Walker wrote:
> > And this a patch for comment. I've only built the physics, chemistry
> > and astronomy DVDs as well as the science-all one.
> ah, you have everything in meta packages, that is kind of very neat, as
> you don't need to use ifdef at all in the packages lists then.

We do indeed. http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/science/tasks/index.html
lists their contents.

> however, i would propose the following instead:
> ---snip---
> # /usr/share/live-helper/lists/science - package list for live-helper(7)
> ## LH: Debian Science
> #include <standard>
> science-astronomy science-biology science-chemistry
> science-electronics science-engineering science-geography
> science-linguistics science-mathematics science-mathematics-dev
> science-physics science-robotics science-statistics science-typesetting
> science-viewing
> ---snapp---

Yes, that sounds fine. 

> why? because individual lists of one (meta) package only doesn't make
> any sense, you can easily do them through --packages parameter, e.g. your:
>   # lh_config -p science-astronomy
>   (note: here, -p referes to --packages-lists; *not* --packages)
> equals
>   # lh_config --packages science-astronomy

Yes - that makes sense. I included them originally as I thought that
live-magic might pick them up and make it easy to produce custom

> > I've included gnome in the science-all one -but not the individual
> > subject area ones (on the basis that people may prefer kde or xfce -
> > though this does mean you might end up with none of them).
> should we therefore do science-kde, science-xfce, science-gnome instead?
> or do you want the full desktop stuff, so it'd be
> {kde,gnome,xfce}-desktop-science?

Which extra pacakges are in the desktop stuff? 

Is it possible to say 

lh_config -p science -p gnome-desktop

The use cases I'm envisaging are:

A scientist wanting to try out all the cool Debian stuff before
actually installing it on their PC (in which case perhaps including
the ability to install would be useful too). Eg "Why don't you try
Debian - all you need to do is download this live image" or perhaps as
a conference freebie - (which would presumably have to include source).

A scientist visiting another lab for a short period wanting to take a
familiar debian environment with them - or when my laptop stopped
working, I could use this on a borrowed laptop.

One thing that would be nice is to provide a DVD/usb image on the
website that you can simply point people to and say - "try this". In
this case, we might as well fill the DVD with stuff that might be
useful - though we want to leave space for user customisation and for
the science packages to grow.

For custom images, then clearly you want choice and I guess the
GNOME/KDE/XFCE-desktop images would be the way to go. 


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