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Re: Trying to create an LXDE image

Hi Kam,

(Please try not to hijack threads!)

> 1. Download the source for the debian-live build from
> http://live.debian.net/debian-cd/5.0_beta1/source/tar/debian-live-lenny-source-standard.tar.gz

Personally, I wouldn't use a Live source tarball like this to create your
image. Whilst it is possible, it's much easier to simply let live-helper do
the work of downloading files for you.

> 5. now lh_config -a i386 -d lenny -p lxde-desktop && lh_build

 ^ You would simply need a command like this. Note that "lenny" is the
default distribution, so you could cut your command down a bit.

You should only call lh_config once - doing so multiple times "expands"
certain variables. This isn't immediately harmful but can come back to bite.
Study the diff after running it twice to see exactly what I mean.
> Supposedly this should just work and then I can slim down the desktop more
> and tune it a bit.

Indeed. Bear in mind that this should be performed in an "additive" fashion
by modifying the configuration and rebuilding from scratch. This is in
contrast to the Knoppix methods, where you repeatedly patch their images
until they do what you want.

> Any other tips that will help me in my quest?

Sure.. First, get yourself a real local mirror, don't bother with any of
this caching nonsense. It's really worth it.

Secondly, make sure your image builds require zero human intervention to
complete. This is just good general "software engineering" advice but really
applies for building live images.

Oh, you might want to join the IRC channel too. Good luck.


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