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Trying to create an LXDE image

So... in terms of a step by step guide, the steps below show where I am at
in my effort to understand the build process better. "Maybe" my LXDE
desktop will work out so well it will become one of the images available
on the net.

1. Download the source for the debian-live build from

2. tar -xzf that file, it will create a ./source folder for you

3. cd source/debian-live

4. apt-get install live-helper

5. now lh_config -a i386 -d lenny -p lxde-desktop && lh_build

6. test the new debian.iso with VirtualBox (wash-rinse-repeat)

Supposedly this should just work and then I can slim down the desktop more
and tune it a bit. I know that it needs to stay within packages available
from main to avoid being non-debian-ish right?

Any other tips that will help me in my quest?

Kam Salisbury

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