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Re: Help testing syslinux

bluestar wrote:
> I downloaded these two iso's and tested them on:

thank you very much for testing them!

> I also tried the i386 iso on a Acer Aspire One but it crashed
> well past the squashedfs bootup. I can give more info on this but I
> haven't been following the Acer Aspire One banter on this or other sites
> to know if this is an easy thing to do. (boot Debian on AA1).
> If you want more info on what the error messages were, let me know.

the content of /live.log (or /var/log/live.log) would be interesting, yes.

> I don't understand what you meant by '3.71 does still have some
> regressions' .. are there specific tests/configurations you are looking
> for? .. or just bootup status?

3.71+dfsg-2 was affected with that 'famous' problem of not booting on a
lot of machines. thanks to the bunch of people that have tested version
3.71+dfsg-3 (which has the patch applied from upstreams 3.72pre2 to cope
with empty files), it appears that the 3.71+dfsg-3 version has no new
regressions compared to 3.6x.

however, as someone reported, syslinux still doesn't support some kind
of intel based apple imacs at all, which is a bummer.


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