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[Fwd: DL Installer]

trentbuck at gmail.com (Trent W. Buck) writes:

>> A year ago, the d-i graphical guy said, that the graphical d-i mode
>> could be easily recompiled to work as a standalone application (it
>> needs to be linked against gtk, rather than gtk directfb stuff in
>> order to run on ordinary X11). I've not heard anything new on
>> that. Would be nice if anyone has time to look into that though.
> Perhaps the OP should contact the d-i people directly and discuss
> "click-on-your-desktop" support (including bounties) with them.

In three weeks I'll be starting a project that I'd like to use this,
so I'll probably work on that. I doubt it can enters Lenny but I'll
try to make it.

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