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[Fwd: DL Installer]

Marco Ghirlanda wrote:
> I tried to contact premier Debian Live developer and got no answer. silence.

thanks for giving people a bit more than 36 hours to answer (especially
not if you don't do it yourself too, there are at least two mails open
from me wrt/ powua; however).

> Any news with the installer?

Chris did good work on it last week, since I did not a live-installer
enabled build since then, I'm not up2date with its current state (e.g.
if the grub-installer bug has gone or not).

> I offer my help to test it and debug it, just let me know how can we 
> proceed.

Anyway, if you have time to kill, just try it yourself and let us know,
build a live system with LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER_DAILY=enabled
LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER=live and put the live-installer udeb into

> Do you mind if I offer a sponsorship for it? What would be the most 
> appropriate way of paying this feature to Debian Live in your opinion?

depending on how much work to do is left, I'd setup a bounty with a
fixed amount if I were you.

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