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[Fwd: DL Installer]

On Saturday 05 July 2008, 08:41:19, Trent W. Buck wrote:

> >  3. "Ubuntu"-style installer
> >   This is where you boot into a graphical Debian Live system and run a
> >   wizard-based program which installs and configures the live system,
> >   all the time remaining inside the live graphical environment.
> >   This is currently NOT possible with Debian Live.

> Does Ubiquity support installing Debian?
> If not, is anyone working on it?

Nobody even tried to port it, but maybe it could work with some care.

Evenmore, the planned way to handle installing from live running it was 
chrooting into d-i filesystem and then go to install type 2. 

And porting graphical gtk-directfb installer to gtk X.

Those were the ideas discussed in the past. Ubiquity was discarded to ease the 
work of #debian IRC channel from a non standard way to install debian. 
Debian-installer (invoker as you wish) should be the only supported way to 
install debian, but feel free to add another one, which IMHO should mark in 
any pastable debug log that is unofficial for a while.


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