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[Fwd: DL Installer]

Hey Daniel,
> Chris did good work on it last week
Chris Lamb? Who's Chris?
>> I offer my help to test it and debug it, just let me know how can we 
>> proceed.
> Anyway, if you have time to kill, 
I don't have so much time to kill, unfortunately :-)
> just try it yourself and let us know,
> build a live system with LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER_DAILY=enabled
> LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER=live and put the live-installer udeb into
> config/binary_local-udebs.
live installer udeb? where I can find it?
>> Do you mind if I offer a sponsorship for it? What would be the most 
>> appropriate way of paying this feature to Debian Live in your opinion?
> depending on how much work to do is left, I'd setup a bounty with a
> fixed amount if I were you.
Where to set up a bounty? What fixed amount?

Chris if you are there reading please contact me, I have dozens of 
people willing to help with that and provide sponsorship and other 
oddities like that... :-)

Thanks for you proverbial kindness Daniel and have a nice day!

Happy Marco (not anymore alone in the dark)

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