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[Fwd: DL Installer]

Marco Amadori <amadorim at vdavda.com> writes:

> On Saturday 05 July 2008, 08:41:19, Trent W. Buck wrote:
>> >  3. "Ubuntu"-style installer
>> >   This is where you boot into a graphical Debian Live system and run a
>> >   wizard-based program which installs and configures the live system,
>> >   all the time remaining inside the live graphical environment.
>> >   This is currently NOT possible with Debian Live.
>> Does Ubiquity support installing Debian?
>> If not, is anyone working on it?
> Nobody even tried to port it, but maybe it could work with some care.
> Evenmore, the planned way to handle installing from live running it was 
> chrooting into d-i filesystem and then go to install type 2. 
> And porting graphical gtk-directfb installer to gtk X.

I think we can avoid the recompile right now. I'll look into that.

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