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Lenny general freeze ahead

El Friday 06 June 2008 17:06:45 Daniel Baumann va escriure:
> Jordi Pujol wrote:
> > option scan-cdroms
> > to search or not in cdrom devices for the live-media directory
> >
> > the same for floppies, but now seems deprecated with version 1.132.1,
> the floppy thing should be added back in the form of a 'scan-floppy'
> parameter (but just not be default as it seems to cause problems on
> machines which do not have a floppy installed).
yes, and in machines that have an empty floppy also, could be a BIOS 

> > Please comment,
> can we have all of them? *with puppy dog eyes*

Ho, ho, ho, Daniel,
Therefore, we can't resist that request,

but I believe that the only manner to patch the actual version is no patching, 
changing one for another, and doing some tests 
because the most tested features are these that I use mostly,

If you agree, I will prepare a complete package,
that package includes also some modifications for initramfs-tools, for this in 
the form of patches.

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