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Lenny general freeze ahead

El Tuesday 03 June 2008 21:01:18 Jordi Pujol va escriure:
Hello list

Well, as my own version of live-initramfs has a lot of changes, and create 
patches to implement each feature separatedly is very difficult,
I will list the implemented features and you can choose what is important, or 

function get_sysblock () 
which unifies the echo /sys/block/* in a single function

option scan-cdroms
to search or not in cdrom devices for the live-media directory

the same for floppies, but now seems deprecated with version 1.132.1,

use the /etc/fstab file to mount the persistent /home directory and gain 
automatic fsck of the partition.

using also the /etc/fstab we can implement an option to do custom mounts,

option fast-halt, modifies the procedure umountfs to umount only devices in rw 
mode, the system halts correctly in twenty and few seconds,

use the file /etc/live.conf to store various configurations that we can select 
with the option conf=confname1,confname2,...,confnamen in the boot command 
then the file /etc/live.vars stores the final values for each live variable,
that converts a single live OS configurable for multiple users and multiple 

function get_valid_filesystems()
that loads all fs related modules and gets the valid values from the /proc 

choose user uid, groups, name, 
and also multiple users, with their corresponding uids, groups, etc...

personalized values for modprobe.d that are established at start time,
and also custom persistent device names with udev rules, 

powerful options parser, with a single line we can add a new variable or 
indicator, implements affirmative and negative options for indicators, and 
null values for variables.

and more features,

Some of that (or maybe all of that) depends of the particular management of 
the files /etc/live.conf and /etc/live.vars.

Please comment,

Jordi Pujol

> El Tuesday 03 June 2008 18:13:18 Daniel Baumann va escriure:
> >   Extra prod to Jordy :) As you pointed out several times, you're using
> >   several patches for live-initramfs. Please do send them in.
> Hello all,
> Thanks Daniel,
> Now already there are large differences between the estandard and my own
> version of live-initramfs. Also it requires a personalized initramfs-tools
> package.
> These differences dificult the task of creating patches.
> I will try to send simplest patches so that can be applied with easy to the
> current version of live-initramfs,
> Attached is the first one,
> The function setup_loop() is simplified for speed and more clear code;
> observing than losetup from Busybox v1.9 has the option -f to print the
> name of the next loop device available,
> Regards,
> Jordi Pujol

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