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Lenny general freeze ahead


in a bit more than a month from now, testing will be frozen. This is the
roadmap to lenny.

* In two weeks (2008-06-16): Deadline for features to be added or making
  'incompatible' changes

  The following patches/changes are going to be commited soon for
  - patch from hramrach to add httpfs/ftpfs with fuse
  - awk progress bar for 'toram' from sidux
  - all remaining changes from grml to live-initramfs

  For everything else and to everyone else: *Please*, if you have
  patches send them as early as possible to the mailinglist so that they
  can be discussed and merged. Please respect the general common sense
  to split changes into individual context/topic patches. Bonus points
  if it's possible to merge them from a git branch.

  Extra prod to Jordy :) As you pointed out several times, you're using
  several patches for live-initramfs. Please do send them in.

* In four weeks (2008-06-30): Having all features of live-initramfs and
  live-helper verified to work and fixed bugs (or, if not working,
  marking them as experimental and place big warnings where appropriate)

* In six weeks (2008-07-14): Having all features of live-initramfs and
  live-helper documented properly, in the packages itself (manpages) as
  well as in the live-manual.


Address:        Daniel Baumann, Burgunderstrasse 3, CH-4562 Biberist
Email:          daniel.baumann at panthera-systems.net
Internet:       http://people.panthera-systems.net/~daniel-baumann/

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