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Lenny general freeze ahead

I am preparing the full package, we'll see if we can adapt it to what you 

another question,

Do you believe that uloop is part of the standard Debian distribution and 
therefore, can be used in live-initramfs ?

then, if being so, I should include my patches for the complementary programs 
ulobdev and ulohttp, or even better, develop another two packages named 
uloop-source and uloop-tools that will be generated from the aufs source 

El Friday 06 June 2008 17:49:40 Jordi Pujol va escriure:
> El Friday 06 June 2008 17:06:45 Daniel Baumann va escriure:
> > Jordi Pujol wrote:
> > > option scan-cdroms
> > > to search or not in cdrom devices for the live-media directory
> > >
> > > the same for floppies, but now seems deprecated with version 1.132.1,
> >
> > the floppy thing should be added back in the form of a 'scan-floppy'
> > parameter (but just not be default as it seems to cause problems on
> > machines which do not have a floppy installed).
> yes, and in machines that have an empty floppy also, could be a BIOS
> incompatibility.
> > > Please comment,
> >
> > can we have all of them? *with puppy dog eyes*
> Ho, ho, ho, Daniel,
> Therefore, we can't resist that request,
> but I believe that the only manner to patch the actual version is no
> patching, changing one for another, and doing some tests
> because the most tested features are these that I use mostly,
> If you agree, I will prepare a complete package,
> that package includes also some modifications for initramfs-tools, for this
> in the form of patches.

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