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HDD installation from Live CD

Hi All,
>> if you set LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER=live, then it will use the live-installer
>> udeb inside d-i, making d-i installing the squashfs to the hd rather
>> than bootstraping the regular way from .deb packages. however, it is
>> said that there are still some glitches there and then when using
>> live-installer, don't expect it working yet but you're encouraged to try
>> it, and report bugs and send patches.
> I set LH_DEBIAN_INSTALLER=live. The resulting iso is a lot smaller then when 
> using the original d-i. The CD works ok for the live part but does not react 
> to typing "install" at the boot prompt.


I have in Isolinux menu two new entries: "Graphical Installer" and a 
"Text Installer".
Both of them stop at the "configure package manager" step (after 

How can I debug it? Switching to other consoles?
Going to try and report.



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