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Re: Greetings from beyond the south!

On Sat, 2003-06-14 at 02:33, Gabriel Piñeiro wrote:
> Well, my idea is to develope "something" based on PostNuke
> (www.postnuke.com). Why? Becouse the postnuke is EASY to manage n'install
> for "first timers"... and 4 us, there's a lot of stuff under GPL to fool
> arround n'adapt to our needs, jejeje! Now I'm seeing this "Mozart", I see
> that it could be adapted to fit in a PostNuke (php + mysql = a homerun! :-)
> Why? Simple, perhaps Postgre could be better as a db choice, but if the end
> user wants to hang the programm on line, a mysql hosting is cheaper and
> more usual to find as a "default" service than one with postgre.

But probably (hopefully!) they'll be hosting it themselves on their own
Debian system rather than on a Internet provider's public Web server.

> mysql is stable and could handle big ammount of data safely and it's
> also usable under Windows, so I think that for this reasons this db is the
> best choice we have, in order to help later the migration of the data to
> Linux. Whatever we do in Linux, I think that it must be also done in
> Windows (and this is the easiest way of developing something for that BIG
> segment). What do u think about?

Hmm, well not until they release Debian GNU/Win32.  The least we can
expect (even if they are running Windows on the desktop) is that they'll
be running Linux on their intranet/application/database server.

> what's that "added value services" I'm talking about: simply, laws and
> cases, integrated throug a module in the system. I repeat, the day to day
> case management solution must be GPL, what u charge is access to that data
> (ok, some things, as the legal codes, could be at the users machines, so
> that way u win in speed, and in less frequent queries to your db ;-)

Hmm well sure, there's nothing to stop people from packaging non-free
debs containing documentation or templates.  IMHO though it's premature
to start thinking about that until the free software base is in place.

> Well, due I'm a php person, it seems that I'm going to translate this, at
> least, to spanish and portuguese (I also know german, but I'm not that much
> confident). I also could provide hosting and develope a website for the
> project (something neat in postnuke: powerful, fast n'easy to install! ;-)

Have a look at alioth.debian.org.  We can set up a development site
there if we like.

> Therefore, as far as I don't use use Windows, I'm worried about the 98% of
> the market. Let's face that most "as if" solutions are developed to the
> small-medium sized fellows; and that the big players develope their own
> stuff. And as far as I don't have any number, I convinced that most lawyers
> in the first segment have a MSFT OS on their PC's in most of the cases.

We can't kid ourselves, Debian-Lex is not going to service 98% of the
market.  But at least we can get a foot in their door.  A minimal
Debian-Lex enabled law office might just use back-end components but
retain a proprietary OS desktop accessing data sources and applications
on the server using a Web browser and OpenOffice.org.  So to that
extent, I agree with what you are saying.  But we should support other
users who want to go the whole hog and use native Linux desktop
applications such as GnoTime for time recording.

> We need A LOT of screencaptures, so people could see
> BEYOND the letters that a techie could type the "POWER". Well, I could do a
> neat website, and try to work out some translations. Well, I think this is
> enough for now :) Cheers, Gabriel.

Yep, and an autobooting demo CD based on Knoppix.  Maybe even nice
Windows-y splash screens for LILO/GRUB and the kernel (see
Speaking of which, we need a logo.  Anyone have any design skills?

> Ps: Could u attach or let me know "somewhere" to find an installable
> version of the Mozart, becouse I only could use the online one, I have
> "issues" with the sourceforge packages (for the first time!)

Yes I have put it at http://people.debian.org/~terminus/mozart-0.0.5.tgz

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