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Greetings from beyond the south!

My Friends:
Hi, my name is Gabriel, and I'm a law student from the Buenos Aires University 
(Argentina) who likes computers. Becouse of that, now I'm currently 
restarting an old project of my, of a open source legal software. 

My biggest concern is that in most cases (99,9% of all cases) lawyers used to 
have no clue about computers. And in most of the cases, they're terrified 
about "changes", concerning their day to day programs. Even more, if u tell 
them "use Linux", the terror screams can still be heared... (and there's 
still two lawyers recovering from a heart stroke! ;-) 

Seriously, my first concern here is the "easyness" of using and installing it. 
And, as I said, at least here lawyers are reticent to changes. So, IMHO, to 
ease a "multiplatform interoperability" I think that IMHO any developmente 
must be "internet based". OK, it could be in a intranet, but if u provide a 
web-based tool, u're giving a "small change": they won't change the OS, 
something that could be very traumathic, even for computer aces. So I think 
that some kind of tool based on mysql databases, and every languague needed 
(such as php) to help that usage. This way, u said: "it's free, do this n'use 
it in the explorer". 

I think that here we could develope an awsome distro based on Debian (a distro 
that I'll definetly install), but at least at first, it will go against our 
main aim (give some useful set of tools). So I think that this sector (the 
ones that read those "yellow books for dummies" ;-) must not be forgotten. 

But I go further: through the web, as far as each Buffet could have their own 
"soft" to manage "their stuff", we need to fund this project with some money: 
and here I thought that something that could be useful is selling some 
services, but at very, VERY LOW rates, in order to provide a custom-country 
soft, so this way u could give laws, cases, customized & automatized 
processes based on local laws (consulting a db or in a easy to install 
module), and of course, the chance of check the "world databases" (managed by 
each chapter of the project): so any lawyer in the argentinean project could 
check the laws in the australian project, and the cases from France if they 
need it. But the basic day to day lawyer's office soft must be free. 

So this way, we could provide an AWSOME service with no comparison in the 
world (the fact is that when u want to be BIG, unfortunately u need money...) 
based in the power of the "Linux Philosophy". But of course, a legal distro 
is an incredible idea that goes in paralel with something like this, but 
until that day came, when the open source became a "valid option" for the 
system administrators (not becouse now it isn't, it's well, they still think 
that "Linux is hard"... and most of the ones that make this kind of decitions 
are formed in other OS), we need to do something about the others who handle 
their operation under other OS's. And this way, if in a near future the one 
the one's who decide about the OS's sees the posibility of changing it 
without having problems with their db's would be an easy decition ("¿should I 
pay for something that could be free and better?..." I think it's an easy 
call this one! ;-) So I think that we need to provide something that when the 
"OS transition came", their db's could be still be usable. 

Also I think that we need to work (and very hard) in the group that they still 
have no db, I mean law students. So a law student's aplication must be 
designed, so when the day that they became lawyers appear, the option must be 
natural choice. I mean, the principal problem of no migration to other 
programms or OS is the old db, with it's VALUABLE DATA. What u think about 
these ideas? Cheers n'good luck, Gabriel.

PD: How could I collaborate in this project?

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