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what is a tag

Hi everybody!!

My ignorance may be pardoned, but, is there some info / documentation
available on tags and meta-packages?

I hope  that the the tags proposed by Jermy Malcom on 03 Jun at 
are not finalised yet.

IMHO, there might be problems with the 

[Lex] Legal Software : Legal Systems : Other Legal Systems

tag.  the English  legal system  is an  'other legal  system'  for the
Scots,  and both  are 'other'  for the  Irish; and  ditto for  all the
three with respect to the US system.

I have  done a bit  of comparative law,  so guess that I  am qualified
enough to say that.

I  appreciate the  difficulties faced  by other  users  for discussing
this  is a different  thread ...  but it  is hardly  one hour  since I
subscribed ...

Mahesh T. Pai.

  Mahesh T. Pai, LL.M.,                   
  'NANDINI', S. R. M. Road,               
  Ernakulam, Cochin-682018,               
  Kerala, India.                          

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