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Re: Greetings from beyond the south!

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 20:37, Gabriel Piñeiro wrote:
> I think 
> that some kind of tool based on mysql databases, and every languague needed 
> (such as php) to help that usage. This way, u said: "it's free, do this n'use 
> it in the explorer". 

Here are some Web-based packages using PHP that are on the list to be
evaluated for inclusion in Debian-Lex:

* Etude <http://sourceforge.net/projects/etude/>
* Mozart <http://mozart.sourceforge.net>
* Law Office <http://sourceforge.net/projects/lawoffice/>

I agree that since OpenOffice.org and Mozilla are cross-platform, and
since it is anticipated we will have a back-end database that is
accessible through ODBC on Windows, you can migrate people gradually off
Microsoft Windows by using dual-platform client-server applications.

> But I go further: through the web, as far as each Buffet could have their own 
> "soft" to manage "their stuff", we need to fund this project with some money: 
> and here I thought that something that could be useful is selling some 
> services, but at very, VERY LOW rates, in order to provide a custom-country 
> soft, so this way u could give laws, cases, customized & automatized 
> processes based on local laws (consulting a db or in a easy to install 
> module), and of course, the chance of check the "world databases" (managed by 
> each chapter of the project): so any lawyer in the argentinean project could 
> check the laws in the australian project, and the cases from France if they 
> need it. But the basic day to day lawyer's office soft must be free. 

I agree that we want to be able to make money out of Debian-Lex (either
by using it or as consultants installing and configuring it), however I
think it is important that the results of internationalisation and
localisation efforts are freely contributed back to the project.  If
someone wants to pay you to customise the software, try to convince them
to allow you to open source your work, as this benefits everyone.

> PD: How could I collaborate in this project?

Lots of ways, see our mailing list archives for some ideas.  Maybe you
could install the three packages mentioned above and work out whether
any of them are worth packaging (and translating), since I have only
briefly looked at them so far and I am a Perl person not a PHP person.

I have been a bit snowed under during the last week but the first major
task (which I intend to do myself, but offers are welcome) is to create
the basic package and task that will form the building blocks of
Debian-Lex.  This basic package is called lex-common which will:

* add custom tags (keywords) to the package tags database
* allow you to specify the users of the Debian-Lex system
* have a dependency on tagcoll (the package tags program)
* have a front end for users to browse other packages to install

The task (which is just a bug report against the tasksel package) will:

* depend on lex-common
* make it easy to install Debian-Lex with just a single selection
* bootstrap the next stage of installation, which will probably
  be a tags browser allowing selection of packages using package tags 

There are three other packages that will need to come next:

* lex-doc which will be a documentation package 
* lex-schema which will be some database tables
* subproject-common-dev which will make it easy to package new software
  for Debian-Lex and other subprojects

I have already filed a bug against debtags to ask them to add some new
package tags (keywords) that we will use to describe our packages
(although predominantly we will define our own keywords which will be
distributed in the lex-common package).

If anyone either doesn't understand (I know there are some
Debian-newbies on this list) or disagrees with or wants to help out with
the plan that I have outlined above, just say so.

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