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Re: sct public domain

On 06/27/2016 08:22 PM, Ben Finney wrote:
> Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>>> It doesn't seem like a conversion like that is copyrightable though.
>>> Do I still credit him or is this definitely not copyrightable?
>> We should credit people who have contributed, even if copyright law
>> doesn't ncecessarily require it. So: I would state the facts, as you
>> do here.
> Agreed. Since we can do as we wish, I would encourage that we record
> attribution information when it's available, because it is surprisingly
> common to need that information years later.

Ok. Got permission from Ingo to use his response in the copyright file
and the relevant portion now looks like this:

Files: sct.c
Copyright: 2016 Ted Unangst <tedu@openbsd.org>
	   whitepoints data copyright 2013 Ingo Thies <ithies@astro.uni-bonn.de>
License: public-domain-sct and public-domain-colorramp

License: public-domain-sct
 public domain, do as you wish

License: public-domain-colorramp
 I have calculated the table by following mathematical rules of color
 integration and conversion from the CIE 1931 color space to sRGB.
 I doubt that a numerically computed color table is copyrightable at all
 (in contrast to the actual software implementation). However, if it is
 indeed copyrightable, I have no problem with releasing it into the
 public domain.

Is there a better way to indicate copyright over a portion of a file? Is
this clear enough?

Thanks for your help,
Jacob Adams
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