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Re: sct public domain

Jacob Adams writes ("Re: sct public domain"):
> On 06/24/2016 04:00 AM, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Jacob Adams writes ("sct public domain"):
> >> Firstly, the license of sct consists of one line:
> >> /* public domain, do as you wish
> > 
> > Seems like a clear enough intent to dedicate to the public domain,
> > along with a permission to deal freely.  So yes.
> Ok that makes sense. Wasn't sure if public domain was more complicated
> but clearly not.

"Public domain" is very complicated.  It means different things in
different places :-(.  But happily here the authors hve not only said
public domain, but also given a clear separate permission.  So this is

> >> Secondly, sct.c contains these lines:
> > You could always ask the relevant redshift copyrightholder and see
> > what they think.
> I emailed Ingo Thies (who is credited with creating the table in
> redshift) and he said that the table was created "by following
> mathematical rules of color integration and conversion from the CIE 1931
> color space to sRGB" and doubted it was copyrightable at all. He also
> said he would have no problem releasing it to the public domain even if
> it was copyrightable.

Great.  You might want to c&p that email into debian/copyright
(assuming Ingo Thies is happy with that).  That's helpful so we have a
record in case anyone should complain.

> It doesn't seem like a conversion like that is copyrightable though. Do
> I still credit him or is this definitely not copyrightable?

We should credit people who have contributed, even if copyright law
doesn't ncecessarily require it.  So: I would state the facts, as you
do here.


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