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Re: sct public domain

Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> Jacob Adams writes ("Re: sct public domain"):
> > Ok that makes sense. Wasn't sure if public domain was more
> > complicated but clearly not.
> "Public domain" is very complicated.  It means different things in
> different places :-(.  But happily here the authors hve not only said
> public domain, but also given a clear separate permission.  So this is
> fine.

The licensor even managed to avoid the often problematic “use” (which
has a long history of confusion about which actions are “use” and which
are not).

The license to “do as you wish” is, AFAIK, relatively free from
problematic or restrictive interpretation :-)

> > It doesn't seem like a conversion like that is copyrightable though.
> > Do I still credit him or is this definitely not copyrightable?
> We should credit people who have contributed, even if copyright law
> doesn't ncecessarily require it. So: I would state the facts, as you
> do here.

Agreed. Since we can do as we wish, I would encourage that we record
attribution information when it's available, because it is surprisingly
common to need that information years later.

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