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Re: sct public domain

Jacob Adams writes ("sct public domain"):
> Firstly, the license of sct consists of one line:
> /* public domain, do as you wish

Seems like a clear enough intent to dedicate to the public domain,
along with a permission to deal freely.  So yes.

> Secondly, sct.c contains these lines:
> /* cribbed from redshift, but truncated with 500K steps */
> static const struct { float r; float g; float b; } whitepoints[] = {
> 	{ 1.00000000,  0.18172716,  0.00000000, }, /* 1000K */
> redshift is a program that does the exact same thing but with more code.
> This part is clearly copied and so does sct need to be GPL because it
> borrows code from redshift? This is data and so it could be not
> copyrightable but I don't know.

Is the formatting from redshift too ?  If not then I think the r and b
values are probably fixed and the only thing remaining is the g value.
Not sure if that's enough to make it copyright.  It might depend on
what exactly those values are.  I don't know enough about colour
spaces and whatnot to say for usre.

You could always ask the relevant redshift copyrightholder and see
what they think.


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