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sct public domain

I am currently packaging the setcolortemperature program (sct) and I
have two licensing questions.

Firstly, the license of sct consists of one line:
/* public domain, do as you wish

Is this enough to consider this code to be in the public domain? I
maintain this code as upstream but did not write it so it's not like I
could get it changed easily if at all.

Secondly, sct.c contains these lines:

/* cribbed from redshift, but truncated with 500K steps */
static const struct { float r; float g; float b; } whitepoints[] = {
	{ 1.00000000,  0.18172716,  0.00000000, }, /* 1000K */

redshift is a program that does the exact same thing but with more code.
This part is clearly copied and so does sct need to be GPL because it
borrows code from redshift? This is data and so it could be not
copyrightable but I don't know.


Jacob Adams
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