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Re: EADL license

Florian Weimer <fw@deneb.enyo.de> wrote:
> * Walter Landry:
>> The EADL data was created by US Government employees (Lawrence
>> Livermore).  So there is no copyright in the US.  Also, in the US,
>> there is no copyright in a set of facts.  However, as a courtesy, you
>> should preserve the credits.
> Debian is also available in Europe, where the U.S. government is not
> barred by U.S. law from obtaining and enforcing copyright of its
> works.  Europeanl law also has copyright-like protections for certain
> collections of facts.

In practice, Debian already distributes these kinds of works.


  See the entry for applications/mj2/meta_out.*

So I think it is fine in this case as well.

> Frederic-Emmanuel, the license you quoted does not seem to give
> permission to make modifications (and redistribute them).  Only
> permission of unmodified copies seems to be allowed.

True.  I do not think it matters.

Walter Landry

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