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Re: copyright years in the copyright file

Before responding to the previous points, I'd just like to note
something. GPL2 states that you must

"conspicuously and appropriately publish on each copy an appropriate
copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty; keep intact all the notices
that refer to this License and to the absence of any warranty;"

I would assume that because the notice must be appropriate, we could
change the year. Although, it also says that we must keep intact all
notices referring to the GPL and the absence of any warranty. It does
not technically say that copyright notices should be kept in tact.

MIT/BSD, on the other hand, requires that "the above copyright notice"
be kept, so would seem that these copyright notices can't be changed.

It might be possible to give notice of the copyright by adding a notice
to the original, saying something like "the above copyright is
incorrect; it is actually <year>".

All this being said, IANAL. I'm probably wrong on at least some of the
above statements.

> ??? So you expect user to read the all source code and get confused
> finding some source start like this.  This is not a case where GUI code
> is showing copyright in the HELP screen.  Also if the user thinks this
> is released in last year, he does not loose anything next 49 years.  (It
> is updated last year, stating last year here is correct.  Upstream is
> not bothered to assert this year only.  Smart user can find out when
> this code is updated in changelog which is dated this year.

Only if they make the assumption that the copyright notice is incorrect.

>> This makes it a minor bug.  
> Certainly not a functional bug.

The same applies to spelling mistakes. But there is no reason not to fix

>> If Vincent is willing to do all of the work of preparing a correct
>> patch, I do not see a good reason to refuse to apply the patch.
> FYI: I have not got anything like that but only got annoying post to here.

It would honestly only be one sentence at most.

> Let's fix real bug.  I have RC bug and outdated libraries ...  Please
> send me real patch fixing real patch.

You could send the fixed copyright with your next upload.

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