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Re: copyright years in the copyright file


On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 01:56:21AM +0200, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> The copyright years in /usr/share/doc/getmail4/copyright are incorrect
> (not up-to-date). I have reported bug 743161[*] about that, but it has
> been closed because upstream doesn't care. This means that some time
> in the future, people could think that some code has fallen into the
> public domain, while this is actually not true. One may also wonder
> whether new code is distributed in the same license (one could
> interpret the lack of copyright notice update as unspecified license
> for the new code).

Upstream considers this is good enough and 1 year is nothing to fuss
about.  See http://marc.info/?l=getmail&m=131805611901165&w=2
| Neither.  I update that when I happen to notice another year has gone by
| (getmail is more than a decade old at this point) -- but it's not
| important to keep it current.  Having that year out-of-date has no legal
| effect under the Berne copyright convention.

Thus, I do not think this is a bug.

> If upstream doesn't care, 

He thinks this is trivial nitpicking without real value.  He cares about
copyright by placing it there.

I think we have better thing to do than discussing and worrying this to
drain our time.  Please cool your head and think about priority and



[*] https://bugs.debian.org/743161

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