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Re: [Pkg-pascal-devel] Please confirm non-distributability of Novell SDK material

On 19-04-14 12:28, Riley Baird wrote:
> I don't think that the name of the file is important, so long as the
> license has the same name. Since the Novell Developer License
> Agreement applies here:
> -The SDK is definitely nonfree, so it must be removed from main
> -For the reason that you mentioned in your first email
> (non-transferable licence), it seems that it can't even be put into
> non-free unless Debian expressly gets permission to grant others
> permission to use the software under this license.

We don't even use the file (it is removed in clean target and will be
stripped from source in my next upload), but I like to convince upstream
as well. Do they have a problem distributing this file?


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