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Re: [Pkg-pascal-devel] Please confirm non-distributability of Novell SDK material

On 19/04/14 20:06, Paul Gevers wrote:
> Well, I think the license stated in my original e-mail covers all
> files in Novell SDK releases as in the release I looked into there
> is a file SDK_README.html that reads at the bottom: """All files
> provided in this release are subject to the Novell Developer
> License Agreement, which can be found in the license.txt file 
> provided in this download.""" Although, this might not mean
> anything because the file license.txt is not to be found (instead
> it is called SDK_LICENSE).

I don't think that the name of the file is important, so long as the
license has the same name. Since the Novell Developer License
Agreement applies here:

-The SDK is definitely nonfree, so it must be removed from main
-For the reason that you mentioned in your first email
(non-transferable licence), it seems that it can't even be put into
non-free unless Debian expressly gets permission to grant others
permission to use the software under this license.

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